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Our Fashion Show Events

In our belief of promoting cultural exchanges between Senegal and Russia, we organise cross mix events like....

In Kazan, within the framework of the International Economic Forum "Russia - the Islamic World: KazanForum", latest fashion shows during the  Fashion Day was held, at which designers from Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Senegal and 5 cities of Russia performed.

In total, 8 shows were presented, where 15 designers showed their collections. Both traditional models and modern models of dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers, kimonos and sportswear, as well as accessories and headwear were presented.

Senegalese designers create clothes using natural materials popular in West Africa. The collections featured echoes of traditional African clothing - boubou, as well as sarafans familiar to the Russian public in variegated colors with local prints. 


As part of the fashion event of the economic forum in Kazan Russia - the Islamic World KazanForum, a collective show of six designer brands from the Republic of Senegal (West Africa), which are represented by the Kalinka Russian Cultural Center (Kalinka RCC) with the participation of Bineta CISSE Gallery "VEMA":


  • Arame Seye

  • @Couleur Afrique

  • ToutyKamal

  • RawEdwige

  • @Edg.mery

  • Sidy Counda

  • Al Gueye

Young designers representing these brands are well known in Senegal and West Africa, but they are entering the international arena for the first time. They create clothes based on traditions and using for their collections natural materials popular in West Africa, such as Bazin, Mandzhak, as well as cotton waxprint fabrics. The main component of African fashion is the fabrics from which clothes are sewn, because it was through them that communication with the outside world and surrounding people was traditionally conducted.
The Manjak fabric belongs to the pagne Tissé type, literally translated "pagne" is a fabric, "tissé" is woven, that is, created by hand. According to legend, the spirit taught one of the Mandzhak people to spin. The art of weaving has been passed down in this community from man to man for many centuries.
Bazin (basin) is a cotton damask or brocade fabric imported to West African countries from Europe or Asia. In Senegal, bazaine fabric appeared with the arrival of the French and was used to make boubou - a long loose traditional outerwear worn by men and women mainly in West Africa and the West African diaspora.
Waxprint is a cotton fabric with a variety of machine—printed motifs, once brought to the continent by Dutch manufacturers, and has gained great popularity on the continent. Some wax prints are named after people, cities, buildings, sayings or events, and are also a type of non-verbal communication between African women.

This year, the Kalinka RCC, in partnership with Anna Rykova, curator ( , and one of the best designers in Senegal and the owner of the Vema art gallery, Ms. Binette, not only presents a collection of Senegalese designers for the first time, but also opens Russia for them.


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RTDG À DAKAR - 3 Juin 2022

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