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The last event planned as part of the participation of the RCC Kalinka and Russian artists in the Dakar Biennale of 2022, is the fashion show Gala the "Russian Teranga Designers' Gala" (RTDG), which took place on Friday, June 3 in the Museum of Black Civilizations in Dakar.


4 designers were present from Russia, including two, who showed us exclusively and in preview their collection of this year. These are :

- Natacha KUZMENKO (kuzmakuzma_style)

- Sasha GAPANOVICH (sashagapanovich_designer)

- Dina BAZARBAEVA (dina_bazarbaeva_zardin )

- Mila ANUFRIEVA (mila_anufrieva )


They were accompanied by 2 West African talents Mr. Parfait IKOUBA (Parfait ikouba) and SO'FATOO (sofatoo), rising heads in the West African fashion world.


This Gala, which was followed by two days of showroom sales: on Saturday in the LA TRIBÜ Shopping Center on Blaise Diagne Avenue and on Sunday at the Veterans' House, was a flight to Russia for all passengers who came to participate in the RTDG Dakar – Moscow flight.

There was a fiery atmosphere, animated by our national DJ Edouardo, with the remarkable presence of the Russian Classical Ballet Academy of the National Grand Theater, directed by Mrs. Slou, the Jazz CRESCENDO group of Amadou DABO, and the remarkable presentation of Mrs. Anna RYKOVA, a great fashion expert in Russia and passionate about African Art. The whole thing took place under the attentive and exceptional gaze of Mr. Sharara and the Fourchette Traiteur team, who made us a feast to be envied by all! We were able to taste Russian dishes (Olivier salad, Stroganoff and Napoleon) with a touch of Senegalese delicacy (tamarin sauce) and quality that is their own.


No one remained insensitive to the beauty of the scenery, the finesse of the dishes and the quality of the show and the fashion show.

We, CCR Kalinka, aim to captivate imaginations, install and introduce the events that we will organize on a regular and continuous basis in Senegal and, make a duplicate verso in Russia. This will become from the Gala, our baseline on the Senegalese side.  


Indeed, after a show by young pianists (2nd Edition) on May 21st, the opening of the Russian OFF at the Biennale on May 22nd, with its official opening on May 25th, and the RTDG fashion show on June 3rd, CCR Kalinka is entering its programming of its second and third editions on Senegalese territory and its first editions in Russia.


We invite all Senegalese and residents of Senegal, who love or appreciate Russia, to join us in building a bridge of solidarity, collaboration, exchange and mutually beneficial and prosperous economic development.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the 2nd edition of the Russian Rynok Russe is scheduled for the first weekend of December 2022 on the open space of the Black Civilizations Museum, on December 3& 4, 2022!


If one of these events has touched you and you would like to contribute or help, please let us know by writing to . We have our next editions to prepare and organize. Volunteers, members as sponsors and partners are all welcome at the RCC Kalinka.


Note that the Kalinka CCR is fully managed by the non-profit association "Russian Alliance for Culture", therefore anyone wishing to get involved and participate is free to join by becoming a member. Like any association, the Bureau works under the supervision of its general assembly and under the control of its Steering Committee



Attached is the speech of Mrs. Larissa KRYUKOVA during the Gala.


Your Excellencies, Ambassadors, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good evening and welcome to our first fashion show Gala: RTDG.


I am Mrs. Larissa KRYUKOVA, President of the Russian Cultural Center Kalinka and the Association "Russian Alliance for Culture" and your host today.


Unfortunately, as for many of us, the current circumstances prevent me from being with you... however, my friend and partner Anna RYKOVA promised to take good care of you, for me.


Our Culture Center has just celebrated a little over a year since the beginning of its activities and we are so proud of what we have already accomplished…


We started by organizing an exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Gagarin's flight before diving directly into the help and support of thirty Senegalese students, who had to do their preparatory Russian course in Russia, but because of Covid constraints, they had to do it online. For the majority, this was their first approach with Russian. It was very difficult with the classes starting at 6am and the connection problems ... but we were very happy that at the end more than 80% passed their exams and are currently in Russia, following their training of choice.


We are continuing to prepare our joint action plan with the National Ministry of Education, where we will not only be able to help teachers, together with the Association of Russian Teachers (APRUS), to develop their language skills but also to inspire young people to take Russian in LV2 and persevere.  Indeed, our center has a double objective on the side of young people: to show the prospects and opportunities for training and specialization in Russia, but also to introduce a country, a continent that is still misunderstood and unknown.


This December, we will organize the 2nd edition of our Russian Rynok.... We were very happy to have done it, because starting is always hellish…

And, when we are just out of Covid and the taxis decide to go on strike during the 3 days of your event, there is enough to lose hope ... But for us, 8 ambassadors came to encourage us, more than 8 friendly countries supported us with their stands, their cuisine and their participation ... This year, we will capitalize on this investment and bring even more Russian products, more presence of our partners ... and improve the activity because the exchanges of products, the exchanges of services and foodstuffs ... are crucial to get to know the respective countries ... With our friend and partner from Tatarstan, the Museum-Island of SVIYAZHSK, we will also organize the Senegalese market in Russia in collaboration with the National Federation of Artisans and Tourism Actors of Senegal. Your support and active participation in our Rynok will be the foundation of this new exchange between Russia and West Africa.


With everything that is happening, we were also able to release our Magazine "Kalinka".. it is "normally" quarterly, but as our team is still young and small, we have added a little Senegalese salt and a good dose of inshalla ... but we respect our timing more or less with every issue ... we invite you all to send us your important dates, your programs and news so that we can share it with our growing readership..


I will not be able to end my speech without talking about our achievements in the cultural field. Forgive me for the length of my speech, but I think there are times when it is important to remember the sacrifice of the members of the RCC Kalinka, the support of friends, partners and Embassies who have become Honorary Members, the devotion of the members of the bureau and the teams of volunteers who organize everything.


We collaborate with the Black Civilizations Museum, the Grand National Theater and the Ballet Academy, the Association of Veterans, the Biennale, the Ministries of Culture of Senegal and Tatarstan, the Coordination Committee of Russian Nationals in Senegal, and thanks to this, we were able to celebrate with dignity and memorably the 77th anniversary of the end of World War II, the recital of twenty young pianists, the 1st time participation for Russian artists in the Dakar Biennale and today, to organize this magnificent fashion show gala with 3 Russian designers and 2 Senegalese designers, young, accomplished and talented under the careful direction of Mila Anufrieva and Anna Rykova, whom I thank especially and from the bottom of my heart for all their dedication and help in the realization of this project.


I am proud of our achievements and honored to have you in my life.

I would like all of us to raise a toast to the prosperous future of the Russian Cultural Center Kalinka!

Thank you and have a great evening.



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